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Bloons Pop Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

Bloons Pop is an enjoyable, easy, interesting elimination game of balloon picking. Your goal in the game is to destroy all the balloons without hitting the bombs. At each level, there are many balloons in different shapes that rotate on the screen. Try to shoot Bloons puzzles by using special monkey skills. If you manage to hit all of them, you’ll receive a special monkey bonus to win. Shoot the bullets on the screen, destroy the balloons before the time runs out, and you’ll be moved to the next level. Avoid hitting the bomb when hitting the balloons. When you hit the bombs, they affect your health and the game ends once you are out of health. Bloons Pop Apk latest version can be downloaded here for free.

Information Overview

App NameBloons Pop
Current version1.2
Publisher Ninja Kiwi
Size55 M
Android Requirement 5.0  and up
CategoryGames, Entertainment 
Price Free
Get it on Google Play

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About Bloons Pop Apk

Bloons Pop is a game from the puzzle genre. It has some unique and colorful bloons, but they are a problem for the monkey. Now it’s your task to save the monkey village. Use the cute monkey to shoot Bloons puzzles, try to shoot as many as possible using special monkey skills.

With each win, you’ll see different interactive features such as rebuilding the village that Bloons destroyed and you can create your own monkey with pets, decorations, characters, and buildings.

In Bloons Pop, you’ll find a combination of two successful games. Bloons, a tower defense game starring monkeys where players defend their position by fending off attackers with endless waves of balloons, and the classic Puzzle Bobble game where your task is to knock down all the bubbles before they reach you. Pop the balloons on the panel with the help of your army of monkeys.

In this game, as in Puzzle Bobble, you will find fields of balloons that you have to pop using monkeys and their various weapons. The goal is to destroy all the balloons on each level (there are many of them). If you achieve this, you’ll get better weapons and new monkeys, and you’ll be able to rebuild your destroyed village.

The gameplay of Bloons Pop Apk

You have to smash all the balloons while they are on the screen. Otherwise, you’ll lose one of your extra lives. You can increase your extra lives (up to 15) by opening heart-shaped balloons.

As the game progresses, the number of balloons on the screen and their speed will increase. Therefore, it is best to collect extra lives as often as possible. When the extra lives are used up, the game ends.

You can always restart the game. The number of balloons released is counted and saved. This way you can challenge yourself or your friends. During a successful game, you may experience interesting animations such as bird tweets or rabbits getting excited.

Features of Bloons Pop Apk

Bloons Pop has the following features, which are attractive to the users;

Thousands of Levels

The main enemy of Bloons Pop is the balloons. There are several types of balloons, different in color and characteristics. The simplest is the red balloons, they are the easiest to destroy but don’t relax, there are dozens of variations of these balloons. The more expensive the balloon, the harder it is to pop it. In each level, you have to shoot all the balls before they reach the top of the screen. If you don’t have time to do so, you lose.

Also, each location requires a certain number of shots to destroy the enemies. The direction of the shot can be adjusted with the arrow keys. If you suddenly see that at least one bullet is near your hero, you should shoot it first.

It is also important to note that the balls will gradually be improved and upgraded. Sometimes warships will appear, making them difficult to stop just like that. There are also balls with spikes and explosive parts. These are all important to keep in mind when defending your structures.

Revive Your Monkey Town

As you clear the levels, the main character in Bloons Pop! is earned money. Use it to rebuild the City Hall of Monkey Town. Build a striking facade, put on a brick roof, and place a flag on the building. Decorate the area with fruit trees and fountains. At the first location, it has a total of 15 upgrades. But don’t think that’s all.

Once the town hall is done, you can go elsewhere. The city market, the park road, the banana farm, and much more are available to players. In total, eight districts in the one beautiful Monkey Town need to be revitalized. All the objects you build are beautiful and create a unique welcoming city atmosphere.

Variety of Weapons and Heros

Each monkey in Bloons Pop! has unique abilities and uses different techniques to destroy enemies. Improve each hero in your own way, turning him into a unique character. As in other similar games, the developers have added monkeys, alchemists, archers, melee masters, druids, simple mages, and more. One of the primates can be raised to the level of a legendary hero. Players can choose their specialty and add superhero abilities.

Use the available heroes to advance through the levels. The first is simply Quincy, who shoots powerful arrows. Next comes Gwendoline, who performs ranged attacks in different directions. Obin the Greenlegs appears on level 12 and unleashes hellhounds on balls. Over time, you can unlock many characters and combine them as you like.

Sound and Graphics of Bloons Pop Apk

Bloons Pop features several constantly changing locations. The visuals are stunning, and at the beginning of the game, each stage is accompanied by guided hints. Each weapon has its own sound, so it can be said that the developers have worked hard on this project.

Rating and Reviews of Bloons Pop

Bloons Pop has received more than 5,815+ reviews with a 4.2 -star rating with 100,000+ installs in only one week. Check more on Google Play.


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