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Colour Water Sort Puzzle is an interesting game in which you have to put various coloured liquids into various cups. Here you can download Color Water Sort Puzzle Apk free for android with useful details of this game.

Color Water Sort Puzzle Game Apk

NameColor Water Sort Puzzle Apk
Size138.4 MB
Updated onDec 09, 2023

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What is Color Water Sort Puzzle Apk?

Color Water Sort Puzzle is an engaging mobile game that challenges players with the task of sorting various colored liquids into different cups, providing a captivating alternative to the classic ball sorting puzzles. This game promises hours of entertainment as you immerse yourself in the intriguing world of liquid sorting challenges.

Upon initiating the game, players are presented with an array of empty glasses alongside glasses already containing different colored water. The primary objective is to skillfully pour the liquid from one glass to another until all the remaining water in each container shares the same color. While the concept may seem straightforward initially, the game quickly reveals its complexity, demanding strategic thinking and precise execution.

The gameplay revolves around the simple yet engaging mechanic of tapping on the glasses to initiate the liquid-sorting process. Success in each level depends on the player’s ability to carefully manipulate the liquid, ensuring a seamless transition until the desired outcome of uniform color is achieved. It’s a delicate balance of pouring and transferring that adds a layer of challenge to the game.

What sets Color Water Sort Puzzle apart is its intuitive design, making it easy for players to grasp the mechanics quickly. However, mastering the art of liquid sorting requires patience and a thoughtful approach. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty increases, providing a continuous challenge that keeps players hooked.

The addictive nature of the game lies in its simplicity and the satisfaction derived from successfully completing each level. The vibrant and visually appealing graphics enhance the overall gaming experience, making it visually stimulating and enjoyable.

Color Water Sort Puzzle offers a relaxing yet mentally stimulating gameplay experience. It’s a perfect companion for those moments when you want to unwind and engage in a satisfying puzzle-solving activity. The game’s accessibility makes it suitable for players of all ages, ensuring that anyone can enjoy the delightful challenge of sorting colorful liquids into different containers.

In summary, Color Water Sort Puzzle stands out as an entertaining and challenging mobile game that combines simplicity with complexity, resulting in a thoroughly engaging experience for puzzle enthusiasts. Whether you’re a casual gamer or someone looking for a captivating brain teaser, this game provides the perfect blend of entertainment and mental stimulation.


  1. Sort the glass tubes into their appropriate tubes.
  2. Collect gems after completing each puzzle level.
  3. If you have any difficulties playing one of these bottle games, ask for help.
  4. Bright graphics and exciting sort puzzle sounds
  5. Simple one-finger control for precise pouring.
  6. Several distinct levels with amazing water game challenges

Enjoy The Interesting Puzzle Game

You can play a nice water-sorting puzzle game on it. It’s time to assess your collective intelligence. Test your expertise by solving this liquid water puzzle. Sort by each. Your brain will be challenged and entertained by water features.

Enjoy the mental challenge of stacking vibrant liquids into cup tubes in this water-sorting game. Test your color juggling skills with different water tubes in this game.

This 3D game is simple but hard. Use your intelligence to match the color of each tube in this color-matching game.


How do I play Color Water Sort Puzzle?

To play Color Water Sort Puzzle, tap on the glasses to pour the colored liquids from one glass to another. The goal is to sort the liquids until each container holds only one color.

What is the objective of Color Water Sort Puzzle?

The main objective is to strategically pour and transfer the colored liquids between glasses until all the remaining water in each container shares the same color. The challenge increases as you progress through the levels.

Is Color Water Sort Puzzle suitable for all ages?

Yes, Color Water Sort Puzzle is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages. Its intuitive gameplay and visually appealing graphics make it a versatile game.

Are there different difficulty levels in Color Water Sort Puzzle?

Yes, the game features increasing levels of difficulty as you progress. This ensures a continuous challenge, making the game engaging for players who enjoy varying levels of complexity.

Can I play Color Water Sort Puzzle offline?

Yes, Color Water Sort Puzzle is designed to be played offline. This makes it a convenient and accessible game that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Are there any in-app purchases in Color Water Sort Puzzle?

The game may offer in-app purchases, allowing players to access additional features or enhancements. Check the game’s settings or store for details on available purchases.

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