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Costa Cruises is a Travel & Local app that provides the information to track all your travel details. Here you can download the Costa Cruises Apk free for android and get the useful details of this app as provided below.

NameCosta Cruises
DeveloperCosta Crociere S.p.A.
Size64.7 MB
Android RequirementAndroid 5.1
Updated onDec 09, 2023

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What is Costa Cruises Apk?

Costa Cruises Apk is a versatile and user-friendly application designed to enhance the travel experience for users embarking on Costa Cruises. As a free Travel & Local app, it provides a comprehensive platform for tracking travel information, accessing crucial details about ports, schedules, and weather conditions, and facilitating various onboard activities.

One of the primary features of the Costa Cruises Apk is its ability to consolidate and display all pertinent travel information. Users can effortlessly keep track of their itinerary, ensuring they stay informed about the different ports of call, departure and arrival times, and relevant weather updates. This centralized platform contributes to a seamless and well-informed travel experience.

The app further enriches the cruise experience by offering insights into the excursions available at each port of call. Users can explore a variety of tours and, with the convenience of the app, book selected excursions directly on board. This feature enhances the flexibility and accessibility of planning activities during the cruise, catering to diverse preferences and interests.

For CostaClub members, the Costa Cruises Apk provides a dedicated section showcasing status information. Users can easily access details about their CostaClub membership, including accumulated points, past cruise history, and potential rewards. This integration of loyalty program information contributes to a personalized and rewarding travel experience for CostaClub members.

Once on board, the app continues to enhance user convenience. Passengers can use the Costa Cruises Apk to make reservations at their favorite restaurants, ensuring a delightful culinary experience throughout the journey. Additionally, the app facilitates expense tracking, allowing users to monitor their spending and manage their budget effectively.

A notable social feature of the Costa Cruises Apk is the ability to engage with fellow passengers through a chat function. This interactive element fosters community and allows travelers to share their experiences, recommendations, and insights. Connecting with other passengers adds a social dimension to the cruise, creating opportunities for shared memories and enjoyable interactions.

The Costa Cruises Apk stands out as a valuable companion for individuals embarking on Costa Cruises. Its diverse features, ranging from itinerary tracking to excursion booking and onboard reservations, contribute to a well-rounded and user-centric travel experience. The app’s user-friendly interface and integration of social elements make it a valuable tool for optimizing and personalizing the cruise journey. Android users with version 5.1 or higher can easily download and benefit from the Costa Cruises Apk, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable cruise adventure.


Displays the remaining time until departure as a countdown.


Swipe the destination image to see all the details about the arrival and departure times of your itinerary.


Find out about all restaurants and excursions before you leave so you can book the tours and meals of your choice.

Fun On Board

Receive up-to-date information on all “Diario di Bordo” events to make your vacation special.


Simple access to your CostaClub status, points, advantages, discounts, past cruises, and upcoming trips.


Talk with your fellow passengers to express your feelings about your Costa Cruises experience.


How do I download and install the Costa Cruises Apk on my Android device?

To download the Costa Cruises Apk, visit the official Google Play Store on your Android device.
Search for “Costa Cruises” in the search bar.
Locate the official Costa Cruises app and click on “Install” to download and install it on your device.

What information can I track using the Costa Cruises Apk?

The Costa Cruises Apk allows you to track your travel information, including itinerary details, port schedules, and weather updates.
You can also access information about available excursions at each port of call and book selected tours directly through the app.

How does the CostaClub status information benefit users?

CostaClub members can view their status information, including accumulated points, past cruise history, and potential rewards.
This feature provides CostaClub members with a personalized and rewarding travel experience.

What features does the Costa Cruises Apk offer for on-board convenience?

Onboard, users can use the app to make reservations at their preferred restaurants, enhancing their culinary experience.
The app also facilitates expense tracking, allowing passengers to monitor their spending during the cruise.

Can I connect with other passengers using the Costa Cruises Apk?

Yes, the app includes a chat function that allows users to connect with fellow passengers.
This social feature enables travelers to share experiences, recommendations, and engage in conversations with others on the cruise.

Is the Costa Cruises Apk compatible with all Android devices?

The Costa Cruises Apk is compatible with Android devices running version 5.1 or higher.
Ensure that your device meets the minimum Android version requirement for a seamless download and installation experience.

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