Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk v3.0.0 (All Unclocked) Free Download For Android

Download Free Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Latest Version Menu (All Unlocked, Unlimited Gems, Money, Crystals, OneHit, Challenges) For Android

Dragon Ball Legends is a cool anime-based action game. Here you can download Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Latest Version (Menu, All Unlocked, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Money, Crystals, OneHit, Challenges) Free For Android for your android device.

The user has the opportunity to take part in exciting battles with many opponents. The player controls the famous hero and directs him to various locations. In any fight, you can use the usual combination of fists and dizziness.

In addition to battles with computer opponents, you can face real opponents in special forums. Excellent three-dimensional graphics, simple controls, and a hero rating system await all players here.

Download Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk (All Unlocked)



About Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Latest (All Unlocked)

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS features an anime action RPG featuring Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and all of your favorite DB characters. With precise controls and simple card attack gameplay, combined with high-quality graphics and 3D, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS brings the best anime fighting scenes to your mobile device.

Name your favorite characters from the popular animated series DRAGON BALL, such as DBZ, DBGT, on DBS. From popular heroes like Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, and Krillin, to villains like Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu, all of your favorite anime characters are ready for battle.

Enjoy 1 on 1 anime activity against cordial or adversary DB players all throughout the planet in live PVP fights. Enter the appropriate combination for your favorite DRAGON BALL characters and earn ranking points and rewards, or test your strength in unlimited fun battle games with players of the same power.

There are three main bosses in the game with which you will fight. You progress through four levels, and each level will culminate in a battle for palm trees like you’ve never seen before.

Great for beginners here, you can download the official app. it is 100% safe and you can now enjoy these DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Mod Apk Latest (All Unlocked).

Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Latest (All Unlocked) Information:

1. MOD menu
2. Mode of God
3. All challenges completed (stage challenges still complete)
4. Instant Win (at any time during the war, click Pause and “Back to Battle” from Instant Win)
5. Work in PvE + PvP

What’s New :-

  • Added a feature where you can select “Mission Plans” according to your play style.
  • Up to 100 Skip Tickets can be used at a time.
  • A new feature of the combat version added.
  • Other parts of the user interface adjusted.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Latest (All Unlocked) Features

Easy approachable to gameplay

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS offers the perfect perspective to capture the many moments of both characters. At the same time, the movement of the characters is also quite easy for many players.

All operations are carried out with simple gestures, such as sliding, touching; and anyone using a smartphone can do that. At the same time, with simple gameplay, but it also requires a demand for reflexes.

The player will attempt to reduce or increase the enemy’s distance to choose the appropriate attack method. If you stay close, your character will hit and beat the enemy, or, being far away, you can shoot energy balls.

At the same time, players will gradually improve their movements and become more agile in many different matches. Don’t ignore special attacks and other powerful combos.

In addition to the basic attacks, you may see a round bar with statistics. This statistic is called Ki and will be used for powerful card attacks.

Each card consumes a certain Ki energy, and you can increase your desired Ki by standing up. This can be done by pressing and holding for a while to increase the strength automatically. At the same time, the same effect appears when playing as a Super Saiyan aura.

Collect and update characters to become powerful

To provide you with a set of characters that any player would love to try and fulfill the wishes of all fans of this series. Players will gather typical characters from the series, such as DBZ, DBGT, and DBS. In addition, these characters are not only the main characters but also famous villains like Frieza or Cell. Therefore, it is also important to find strong characters.

When you get the characters you want, your next task is not only to watch them but also to engage them in intense battles. At the same time, matches will be more difficult and will require players to have the strength to fight. One of the things that everyone needs is to increase the strength of each character. It is a process that requires a lot of time and effort.

The game offers a large time of entertainment

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS offers fully accessible gameplay that everyone will love. At the same time, players will fully immerse themselves in the world of Dragon Ball and participate in beautiful matches. In addition, they will not be able to ignore the wonderful combos that any character can display. Therefore, this game will end up providing you with a pleasant experience and entertainment.

How to play Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Latest (All Unlocked)

Download Free Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Latest Version Menu (All Unlocked, Unlimited Gems, Money, Crystals, OneHit, Challenges) For Android

When it comes to mastering Dragon Ball Legends, you should make sure you are fully aware of these helpful tips to get the most out of this game. Improve your characters and collect Dragon Balls, but first, make sure you learn the basics.

Fight plan

Who has not won a fighting game by giving control and relying on the good? Dragon Ball Legends, being a card game, works differently and is worth spending more time to master the combat system of the game. Learning how to attack your opponents in the most effective way will help you a lot. Dragon Ball Legends – make sure you get acquainted with the basics of the game, using tutorials and organizing practice games before you start your adventure.

Send part of your team to the adventure

While talking about fun, you can send part of your team to collect unusual items that will help you in your mission. It’s best to do this as often as possible – but be careful, because you can’t use this member of your team when it comes out. It may be best to send members of your main team to make sure you can still defend yourself, if necessary.

Collect Dragon Balls

Some battle cards will have Dragon Ball on them – use them. After collecting all the cards with dragon balls, you can easily defeat your enemy using the Rising Rush movement. This move will cause all the remaining members of your team to attack simultaneously and inflict heavy damage on your opponents. You do not automatically win a game, but it certainly brings you close enough to success.

Use your character’s special ability

During combat, you’ll notice that your character’s power bar will gradually increase over time. This will eventually allow you to call for a destructive attack that can easily turn the tide of war in a second. Make sure you do not forget to touch the power bar when it is full.

Let the Heroes From the Beginning

The Hero category is the lowest character category, and while there are some familiar faces in the series out there, you really shouldn’t worry about it. Lastly, if you want to improve. The best characters in this game are much higher than the characters of the old school heroes and can do a lot of damage.

Play this story

You’ll have to play the story mode to progress in the game. The story mode isn’t really Goku – it’s about Shallot. He tries to help Shallot regain his memory and find out who he is in the game.

Ratings and Reviews of Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Latest (All Unlocked)

Dragon Ball Legends has received more than 1,176,692+ reviews with 4.1 out of 5 Stars– star ratings with 10,000,000+ installs.


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How to Download Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Latest (All Unlocked)?

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You can discover after downloading the Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Latest (All Unlocked) document, our application is exceptionally simple to introduce. After you click on it and press the introduce button, you will get a security alert.

You can get unknown by signing in to the security territory of your gadget’s settings area, which should be affirmed. Then, enjoy.

Download Free Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Latest Version Menu (All Unlocked, Unlimited Gems, Money, Crystals, OneHit, Challenges) For Android

Top 5 Liked User Reviews for Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Latest (All Unlocked)

3. Nicholas Yourgules, April 5, 2021

I like the game’s recent update. I feel like they can still do more for the game to make it better and more fun for players. It’s very challenging to gain CC when you are a high level and completed almost everything. Gonna have to spend money to perform a multi-summon, and even then it’s super rare to get a new SP unit. I love Dragon Ball and the art in this game, but there are still some things that could be better.

4. Roman, April 4, 2021

ATTENTION: thank you so much for making this game and I enjoyed it a lot and I can’t believe you made a new rarity character and I love this update a lot. Now there is 1 problem that 50% of us want you to fix. The problem is that when you are about to battle an event, co-op, and PVP. The loading screen takes a long time to load the game, not even strong wifi can help it. All we just need is just the loading battle needs to load faster and that’s so we have more time while playing the game. Ty.

5. Demetrius Story, April 5, 2021

Some of the characters are able to get through the mechanics such as the top. When he gets knocked back he is able to attack in that same instant and make the game hard to play. I really enjoy the game but if the characters are going to glitch out like that then I will have to keep the one star. Please fix this so I can change that back to a 5 star

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