Friday Night Funkin Apk Download Mobile MOD Latest v0.2.7.1 Build 4 Free For Android


Friday Night Funkin Apk Download Mobile Mod [Debug, Descargar] Latest Version v0.2.7.1 Built 4 Play Tips FNF Music Game 2021 Free For Android

Friday Night Funkin is a musical game in which two characters, a man and his girlfriend, take the lead and are given the opportunity to kiss the next night. Only his lover’s father, unfaithful to his daughter’s lover, can prevent this. First of all, it is necessary to obtain the consent of his wife’s father, and only after that to try to carry out his plans. Here you can download Friday Night Funkin Apk and Mod Apk [Debug, Descargar] FNF Music Game 2021 Free For Android.

Friday Night Funkin Apk: Overview Information  

App NameFriday Night Funkin
Current versionv build 4
DeveloperFriday Night
Android Requirement5.0 and UP
Category Music
Mod FeaturesNo ADS

About Friday Night Funkin Apk

Friday Night Music Funkin is a rhythm-based indie beat-cracking music game where you have to press four directional buttons (left, right, up, and down) in a dictated order on the screen and challenges your sense of rhythm. As in the original version, the Friday Night Funk mobile music game still uses the four buttons as the main musical instrument. Simply press them on the screen.

The plot of the Friday Night Funkin Music game revolves around our main character, a girlfriend (yes, that’s his real name from the start), who tries to capture his girlfriend and make her his real girlfriend. But if he wants her to become his girlfriend, he has to get past her father, a former rock star known as Daddy Dearest. Daddy Dearest won’t accept you, so the only way to prove you’re worthy is to win a 1-on-1 battle against Daddy and everyone else standing in his way so he can finally kiss his girlfriend.

In Funk’s Friday Night Music Game, each phase is broken up into each week from Week 1 to Week 6. Each week you fight different bosses such as daddy dearest, mommy, peak, monster, senpai, skid, and bomb.

You can change its difficulty from easy to hard. It’s nice that you think you have a chance. But you know what they say? Girls like confidence. It’s time to get scared! Three, two, one, go!

Beat the others in a rap battle and be the best in a funky music game on Friday night.

Features of Friday Night Funkin Apk Download Mobile Mod [Debug, Descargar] FNF Music Game 2021 Free For Android

Want to impress your girlfriend’s dad so much that you enter a singing competition? Prove your worth on Funkin Friday Night and sing along!

Sing along to musical beats

If music is your passion, you’ve probably played this type of game many times before. After all, there are thousands of music-related games you can play right now. However, if you’re looking for a game that isn’t available anywhere else, try Friday Night Funkin. This exclusive game is taken from the same popular computer game that many people love. Here you will have to prove your worth by singing.

While singing, you have to press the right arrow key as they appear at different times. This is a response to a song that is playing under the cover of your song. But here, you’ll have to fight a lot of people, including your girlfriend’s dad, to get their permission. The more precise you are, the better your chances of winning!

Story mode and free play

In this world, no problem can be solved by singing! Friday Night Funkin is exactly what this game is all about. First, you’ll have to face your girlfriend’s father to get a kiss from your girlfriend. Then it’s off to a fun battle with the best singers! You can also practice in the free game so you’ll be ready when the time comes.

In this game, you’ll also have to keep an eye on the progress bar below the screen, as it indicates how close you are to winning. When the green bar is more prominent, it means you are a winner. But when it gets to the end and turns red, you’ve lost!

Different opponents and different songs

In addition to battling your dad, you’ll also have the opportunity to battle against other experienced singers. You’ll sing different songs with funky beats and different rhythms. The further you go, the harder the songs get! But to win, you just have to be fast and accurate and press the right buttons at the right time.

Attractive graphics

Friday Night Funkin isn’t your average 3D music game. The characters are drawn with thick lines and bright colors. There are also fun spots that will test your limits! Enjoy this visually appealing game now!

Direct controls are probably one of the easiest controls in this game. The screen has a virtual keyboard with arrows that can be easily pressed.

More Features of Friday Night Funkin APK

This is a story game.
The graphics and gameplay are of a good standard.
You can follow the steps below to do all the work easily.
This is an addictive game with easy controls that is great for music lovers.
There are two different game modes.
The manual contains all the information on how to use it.
It is a friendly and unique android game that everyone can enjoy.
No contract or data connection is required.
The rules and regulations are strictly enforced to prevent cheating.


Friday Night Funkin Apk Download Mobile Mod [Debug, Descargar] Latest Version v0.2.7.1 Built 4 Play Tips FNF Music Game 2021 Free For Android


Friday Night Funkin Apk Download Mobile Mod [Debug, Descargar] Latest Version v0.2.7.1 Built 4 Play Tips FNF Music Game 2021 Free For Android


Friday Night Funkin Apk Download Mobile Mod [Debug, Descargar] Latest Version v0.2.7.1 Built 4 Play Tips FNF Music Game 2021 Free For Android


Friday Night Funkin Apk Download Mobile Mod [Debug, Descargar] Latest Version v0.2.7.1 Built 4 Play Tips FNF Music Game 2021 Free For Android


The main characters of Friday Night Funkin Apk Download Mobile Mod [Debug, Descargar] FNF Music Game 2021 Free For Android

Dearest Dad

The main antagonist in Weeks 1 and 5 is Daddy Dearest, the father of her boyfriend, the husband of her mother. She is a former rock star and does not allow her daughter’s boyfriend to be the main character. Her songs are “Bopeebo”, “Fresh” and “Dadbattle”. In Week 5 she can be seen in the films Coco and Agnog with The Mother.

Daddy has a demonic appearance

purple skin, black eyes with bright red images, and purple-brown hair that vaguely resembles the horn of a monster. He wears a shirtless black jacket, showing a brown chest and pubic hair, and black pants with gold buckles and belts. He wears a silver watch and holds a microphone in his left hand.

When he turns 5 weeks old, he wears a green version of his jacket and pants. He lifts a gun in his right hand.


Mom is a friend, Dad’s favorite wife, the main antagonist at 4 weeks and the antagonist at 5 weeks. Her cues include satin panties, tall and MILF. At week 5, she is also introduced by Coco and Agnog with Daddy Dearest.

Daddy Dearest looks monstrous, with purple skin, black eyes with bright red highlights, and long brown hair with lots of spikes. She wears a figure-hugging red dress under a black jacket, black tights, gold earrings, a gold chain, and two pairs of gold bracelets on each arm. She is wearing dark red lipstick, has pointed fingernails, and holds a microphone in her right hand.

At 5 weeks old, she is wearing a red and white Santa dress with collar, black belt with gold buckle, white high heels with fur, and gold earrings. She holds a microphone for her and her father’s friend and little finger.


The boyfriend is the main character in the movie Friday Night Funkin. She is on a mission to get her friend’s approval, but is confronted by her father and other characters who stand in her way.

This friend is a young man with white skin and blue hair. He wears a red taboo patch with a white T-shirt, blue baggy pants, red sneakers, and a red and blue cap on his back. He holds a microphone in his right hand and left pocket.

At 5 weeks old, he wears a red and white coat, light blue pants, and brown snow boots.

The little girl is interested in her boyfriend’s love interest and is the daughter of a ‘daddy’ and a ‘mommy’. She sits normally on the radio and entertains him by banging her head to the music. In the educational program, she teaches him how to play and how to watch his combinations.

This friend is a young, Caucasian woman with long brown hair. She wears a red sleeveless dress and red high heels. Her fingernails are painted red. He always sits upright.

At 5 weeks old, she wears a red sleeveless dress with a white collar, red gloves with white cuffs, white thigh bows, and gloves with yellow bell-shaped earrings.

Rules to play Friday Night Funkin Apk

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Gameplay and management of Friday Night Funkin Apk Download Mobile Mod [Debug, Descargar] FNF Music Game 2021 Free For Android


In Friday Night Funkin’, players control Boyfriend, a man who tries to seduce a girl but is thwarted by her father, an evil former rock star who angrily rejects the relationship. To prove it, Boyfriend must face him in a rap battle, but he’s not the only one he must defeat.

Friday Night Funkin’ is simple, your task is to press the arrow keys that appear on the screen, you can also use the a, s, w and d keys. Your character stands to the right and to the left stands an opponent with the same goal, but the opponent must not make any mistakes. Each week there is a new opponent, new music and a new design/background.


“Basically it’s like DDR, you press an arrow while the arrow is over another arrow. And don’t blink.”

– game description

Players must use the WASD keys and/or the arrow keys on the keyboard.

You can pause the game by pressing the Enter key.

Press the – and + keys to lower or raise the game volume and 0 to mute the game.

With Humor, you can stop the game immediately by pressing the R key at any point in the song.

You can restart the song by pressing the Enter key, the Z key or the space bar at the end screen of the game. To end the game, press the Escape key or the Backspace key.


When using the WASD/marker keys, the player must press them according to the colored arrows (notes) that appear on the screen when overlapping their markers.

If an arrow is visible and there is a line below it, the player must hold down the arrow key as long as the line is visible. Although lined notes do not give extra points after the first press of the key, holding it down fully will quickly increase the health bar, while releasing it too soon can quickly decrease it.

In the game, the opponent always sings his verse first and the player must respond by repeating the opponent’s verse. Sometimes, the player must respond to the opponent’s verse, and then both chant at the same time.

Health bar

At the bottom of the screen is a health bar with icons of the antagonist(s) head on the right and the friend on the left. If the player does not skip notes, the icons move slightly to the left and the bar turns green. If the player misses a note, the icons move slightly to the right and the bar turns red. If the main icon moves too close to the right, the type icon will change and appear damaged. On the other hand, if the main icon moves too close to the left corner, the opponent’s icon will change and appear damaged (with some exceptions).

If a player makes too many mistakes during a passage for it to end, the game is stopped. If the player manages to reach the end of the track without using the correct lane, he wins.


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How to Download Friday Night Funkin Apk Download Mobile Mod [Debug, Descargar] FNF Music Game 2021 Free For Android

Most Android users search the web for the Apk file setting process after downloading the Apk. However, some users are less familiar with this process. If you don’t know, we are here to tell you.

To download our application, snap to the download button below. Subsequent to trusting that the page will open, the application Friday Night Funkin Apk Mobile Mod will consequently download to your gadget as an APK document. The downloaded Apk file will be downloaded from your gadget’s download zone. Then follow the instructions below.

  • First, access the configuration options on your phone. The configuration options are at the top or bottom and you can see this when you drag the window up or down. It is also available in the App Gallery. When you get the settings, tap on it and then open the Security menu.
  • Then try to find the “unknown root” and help him.
  • Now open the SD card or File Manager after opening “Unknown Places” and open the folder containing the Apk address of the Friday Night Funkin Apk Mobile Mod. When you receive this, tap on the downloaded app, and a new window will appear.
  • Read “App Permissions” or read the agreement before configuring.
  • Then tap the “Next” button several times to complete the installation.
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