Hotstar Mod Apk v11.4.9 (Free IPL 2021) Free Download For Android

Download free Hotstar Mod Apk and enjoy free IPL Live Cricket Match 2021 (Premium, Tr Vibes, Free Subscription, VIP Unlocked) for android.

Hotstar Mod APK is one of the top-rated live-streaming apps. You can watch your favorite tv shows, sports stories and movies in this app and many other dramas on the subscription of a paid version. If you want to watch the free IPL Cricket Match, you need to download the Hotstar Mod APK. Here you can download Hotstar Mod Apk Free IPL Live Cricket Match 2021 (Premium, Free Subscription, VIP Unlocked) Free For Android.

Download Hotstar Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)


About Hotstar Mod Apk (Free IPL)

If you do not know what Hotstar App is, do you know Hotstar? So let us tell you about it too. Hotstar is one of the digital entertainment platforms that people use in advance to watch online TV shows, live games from movies, and TV series. When it comes to high usage, this is done in cricket.

Cricket is available in the world today and many of them use this device in India. Videos on Diamond, the Indian app, and streaming services are also available in full on the Hotstar app.

Hotstar was released on May 6, 2015. You should know this. That’s why we told you when it started. Although it is also available on the Android platform and is available on iOS, Fire TV. It also became clear what Apple TV was. This Hotstar application is available on many such platforms. Get more fun.


Want to get a free Netflix account or a free Spotify Premium account? If you want to enjoy all these premium services for free, then you give the download button below. You can download it directly by clicking on it from there. All you have to do is download the mod and install it on your Android device. Then get the free services.

As you know, a free copy cannot be found on TV, live, TV series news, Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. However, you will be in Hotstar Game and VIP ideas. That is why we give you the Hotstar Mod APK that you can download. So you can use it.

Speaking of Hotstar Mod APK, this is a modified version of this application. Which one is open. Without premium features. These services are open. As long as there are no ads, you will not find ads in this nice feature.

This mod has been developed by some application developers. Let’s say you want to know a game version of Hotstar and an updated version of the concept. This is how you find channels. Among them are songs like Star Plus, Star India, Star Sport, HBO, Star World, Star Jalsa, Star Effect.

Who will meet? But everything is in this premium version. So, you need to download the apk of Hotstar Mod. Open Android and install it. You will be able to view all versions of Premium Sacrifice without login.

Features of Hotstar Mod Apk (Free IPL) Premium

Hotstar Mod Apk Free IPL Live Cricket Match 2021 (Premium, Tr Vibes, Free Subscription, VIP Unlocked) Free Download For Android.

What do you usually do in your spare time? When the time comes, some choose to study, others go to a cafe to chat with friends, others play games. However, many people prefer to watch movies every night or weekend. Yes, movies have been a staple of entertainment for a long time. It’s simple, it gives you a lot of details and stories that you don’t have to travel to. And now that Hotstar is available, you no longer need web access to find movies. Worries about viruses or malware are gone.

The best video player for Android

One of the reasons people turn to mobile devices is to watch more TV with better 3G / 4G / Wifi connection speeds. On the other hand, since the engineer offers excellent services, it has a stable connection speed and unlimited bandwidth or free versions. Novi Digital is nothing more than what I mentioned above. They have an extensive content delivery network that automatically connects users to a nearby server, with faster content transfer speeds and better performance.

What free TV shows, movies, and sports

Most other shows of the same genre focus on pre-recorded episodes in movies and TV shows. Hotstar has a rich content store with sports programs, Internet TV, or Premier League football or cricket games to reach more users. So whether you’re away from home, on a picnic, or in the car, don’t miss your favorite show.

Many movies, TV shows, or sports programs are owned by Novi Digital. One of them is a special version that you won’t find except Hotstar. An example is the live stream of Cricket and IPL 2021 in India. You wouldn’t want to miss a soccer game with your favorite team, do you?

User-friendly interface

Experience question if using the program bothers you and makes it difficult to get what you want, it’s bad even if you don’t want to go back.

Fortunately, Hotstar is not like that. This is a beautiful interface designed as a list of tags. You can go to see more content. Conveniently categorized structures, including suggested categories for new, advanced, fully visualized categories and more.

A nice feature is that Hotstar saves the usage history of apps. If you spend a lot of time on a particular genre or TV show, it will recommend similar genres/shows/movies.


Hotstar is a content-based streaming app located in India. So, you can find eight languages ​​including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Malay, Tamil, Marathi, Canadian, and English. If you want to change these, you can go to settings. If you want to get Sub in many languages, you have to sign up for the Premium app.

Get more content with the premium version

Hotstar divides users into three categories of free services, VIP and Premium. Basically, the free package can only choose the default app in the default language (or not at all). The VIP package includes a wide range of content such as Bollywood TV shows, news shows, Star TV, and sports series. Finally, the Premium package gets all the features and content of Hotstar. For languages, you can select the default item and for English languages ​​Sub.

How to use Hotstar Mod Apk (Premium, Free IPL)

  • You can search thousands of titles and add new events frequently.
  • A Hotstar membership gives you access to endless TV shows and movies for one low monthly fee.
  • With Hotstar Mod Apk, you can now watch as many TV shows and movies as you want.
  • Search the list and immediately see on your phone or Hotstar Hack the frequently updated list of supported devices.
  • Hotstar Mod APK is the most popular app on Google which is working well nowadays. Now you don’t have to browse other websites elsewhere. You can download the message here. Download the Hotstar Mod apk and also get the free app because you can get the premium service and get the Hotstar Premium Mod version.
  • If you use this app you will receive TV channels. You will have a lot of choices for TV channels. They can watch the program by clicking on the song as it will take you to 14 channels.
  • In this APK version of Hotstar Premium mode, you will find lots of movie options that you can use to search for Bollywood and Hollywood movie categories. There will be movies of different genres that you can use as you wish. This Hotstar is available in 16-19 languages. Like Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, and Telugu are available in these languages. You have family comedies and various films.
  • Speaking of high Hotstar usage, this is happening in India today and is mainly used to watch live sports broadcasts. Everyone in charge in a game of live cricket.
  • Likewise, it offers many categories, such as news types and games. Who will be easily recognizable by choosing according to his will?
  • It has great options and live streaming options, choose TV shows like video and audio movies, and you can watch videos online every now and then.
  • When you click on the forward button, you will get the details and it works in tablet mode. If you watch any video or TV series online, you will not show any ads in apk mode because those ads are blocked.
  • You get unlimited functionality, such as the ability to make customizations without interruption. Extreme voice can reach up to 320kbps which you can activate.
  • If you use it, you won’t see a lot of bonuses that come with the free version. You won’t see premium options because all the best options are open. Which means everyone is open. Because you can quickly launch artists or albums or playlists in mix mode.
  • If you use it, you can also use it with high-quality 4K HD.


Download free Hotstar Mod Apk and enjoy free IPL Live Cricket Match 2021 (Premium, Tr Vibes, Free Subscription, VIP Unlocked) for android.


Download free Hotstar Mod Apk and enjoy free IPL Live Cricket Match 2021 (Premium, Tr Vibes, Free Subscription, VIP Unlocked) for android.


Download free Hotstar Mod Apk and enjoy free IPL Live Cricket Match 2021 (Premium, Tr Vibes, Free Subscription, VIP Unlocked) for android.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is Hotstar Premium APK bad?

The latest version of Hotstar Premium MOD APK is safe. No need to worry about the ban. This app does not share your identity with the developer. Developers are constantly updating to introduce new content to your screen.

How long can I claim Hotstar Premium?

You can use Hotstar Premium for free in this MOD APK forever. No registration required and no payment required, just enjoy your favorite premium movies with your favorite Hotstar.

Can I update the Hotstar Premium APK?

You can’t update it in the Google Play Store, but it will display a notification every time there is an update. Get the latest version of this app by updating it and enjoy the new features.

Ratings and Reviews of Hotstar Mod Apk Free IPL

Hotstar Premium Mod Apk has received more than 2,497+ reviews with 3.7 out of 5 Stars– star ratings with 500,000+ installs.


We bring you, your favorite games and apps. We share apps and high-quality games all the time. You can download more applications and games on this page from our website for free. Once done, download Hotstar Premium Mod Apk for Free IPL for your Android APK.

Please note that we only release the APK version of the Hotstar Premium Mod Apk for Free IPL of the application without any modifications.

All apps and games are downloaded here directly from the Play Store and for personal use only. If Spotify infringes your copyright, please contact us and we will remove it soon.

How to Download Hotstar Mod Apk for Free IPL?

Not just for Android, Spotify is also compatible with many other platforms, allowing you to enjoy your favorite movies anywhere and anytime. Spotify is the best friend of the whole family. Long drives are even better when you and your family enjoy unlimited songs. Just download the Hotstar Premium Mod Apk version, you can listen to your favorite songs completely free.

To download our application, snap to the download link below. Subsequent to trusting that the page will open, the application Hotstar Premium Mod Apk will consequently download to your gadget as an APK document. The downloaded Hotstar Premium Mod Apk file will be downloaded from your gadget’s download zone.

You can discover after downloading the Hotstar Apk document, our application is exceptionally simple to introduce. After you click on it and press the introduce button, you will get a security alert.

You can get unknown by signing in to the security territory of your gadget’s settings area, which should be affirmed. Then, enjoy.

Hotstar Mod Apk Free IPL Live Cricket Match 2021 (Premium, Free Subscription, VIP Unlocked) Free Download For Android.

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