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Lifesum APK is an app that helps you to track your food and your exercise. Here you can download Lifesum Premium Mod APK free for Android.

Lifesum APK is an app that helps you to track your food and your exercise to live a healthy life and reach your fitness goals. Here you can download Lifesum Apk for android. Lifesum helps you track nutrition and fitness to help you lead a healthier lifestyle and meet your fitness goals. You enter your personal data, the number of calories consumed (the app can help you calculate calories depending on your goals), and set the distribution between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The app also has recipes, plans, and a social media section.

Lifesum: Overview Information  

Current version8.6.1
Android Requirement6.0+
CategoryHealth & Fitness


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What is Lifesum?

The lifesum app is a health and fitness monitoring app. it’s where you can track calories nutrients. It can give you recipes. It does a bunch of stuff. This lifestyle app has a free option and also has a premium option. Here you can learn about what all of those extra benefits of having the premium option are so if it’s something that you’ve been kind of considering how you can kind of have a better idea of exactly what you get when you get the premium upgrade.

Features of Lifesum Apk

  • Diet plan and diet tips for any reason – get in shape and practice good eating habits.
  • Diet and plans for keto, rosa, polio, sugar detox, and more.
  • A calorie counter and food tracker with a standardized identification scanner for simple logging.
  • Macro Calculator – Keeps tabs of daily macros, nutrients, and calories.
  • Food Planner – Eat healthy food with delicious recipes for any plan.
  • Health Tracker – Stay on top of fitness and health

Weight loss and diet plan

When it comes to losing weight, you need 80 percent nutrients and 20 percent fitness. What is the best in exercise and diet for weight loss?
For weight loss, many people control diet, there are many people who eat and drink a lot but also do tremendous workouts.

However, if you want to keep yourself healthy and fit, then it is necessary to adopt both these things in the routine. Because a healthy body can remain fit and fine only by a combination of a balanced diet and exercise.

Lose weight with a personalized diet plan. With this app, you can find out which meal plan is best for you based on your schedule and lifestyle. To achieve any goal of weight loss, it has the right plan to achieve everything from fasting to a sugar-free diet and everything in between.

Action and meal planner

Healthy recipes that support all meal plans. Did diet stick? Explore delicious keto recipes, get used to planning delicious meals or get a Paleo Meal List and snacks.

Calorie Counter and Food Planner

The calorie counter and food tracker functions provide an overview of daily nutritional values. Have you practiced today?

Food diary and macro tracker

Myrrh Myth-boosting. This is easy with the help of its macro tracker – with the help of a macro calculator to reach the right type of energy consumption. Scan the barcodes for macros and nutritional information or enter them manually.

How to Use Lifesum Apk  

After installing the Lifesum app, you have the calorie budget on the top corner. You have a daily target now which was set automatically by the app based on your inputs during the initial setup. In our case, it is 1901 kilocalories left to consume for today, the 10 calories are shown on the left and burnt ones on the right side since we haven’t added any food or exercises we are set to zero.

Let’s go how to change the daily calorie target, go to the profile, then to settings then click on my goals. Here you need to update your goals first, and then the app automatically calculates for you what the initial calorie target should be noted that you cannot change the calorie target manually by yourself.

Now Let’s see how to add foods. There are two ways, click on the plus sign at the bottom right corner, choose the category. You can also do this by just scrolling down the home page or diary page as you can see the categories are already here choose one to add to your food.

There are three methods to add your food here, scan barcode find in the food database and add manually. Select breakfast, the barcode reader is at the top right-click to scan here and creamy cheese packages you see the product is easily found. You can add the serving amount indifferent units here.

You can get the calories and macronutrients automatically but unfortunately not the macronutrients you see and get 45 kilocalories. Then on the homepage, you can see that 45 kilocalories is subtracted from my daily budget and only 1856 kilocalories remained.

Now let’s try the second method, let’s add an egg for breakfast, go to the search field on the top, and right egg many options pop up. It’s important to choose the one that has the verified side as you see some of them lack verification and can’t be trusted.

Let’s see how to add food manually, go to the top right then click on create food and add the details manually. You can also add calorie birth by an exercise either manually from the database or automatically from other apps or gadgets scroll down on the home page and go to exercise to manually add go-to simple calories for adding from the database.

Then, go-to the exercise and find it from the list and modify it according to your preferences for automatic calorie record transfer to this application. Go to the automatic tracking option and then try to find your app or device here.

Pros and Cons of the Lifesum Apk


Fun user interface with colors, images, and animations.
Keep track of your diet and exercise.
A large number of products are proprietary (or you can add them yourself).
Save your favorite dishes.
Add personal data and see their progress.


The application takes a lot of time.
It’s easy to get away from the real world.
Too many clicks.
Too much rolling.
Too much information at the same time, feeling of spam.
Foods sometimes get cold while using the app.

Ratings and Reviews of Lifesum Apk:

Lifesum App has received more than 27,334+ reviews with a 4 -star rating.


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How to Download and Install Lifesum App?

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Lifesum V8.6.1 ↓

Lifesum Premium v8.6.1 Mod APK Free Download For Android

Lifesum V8.6.0

Lifesum Premium v8.6.1 Mod APK Free Download For Android

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