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Locket is a widget that brings live photos from your best friends directly to your Home Screen. Unlock your phone, and you and your best friends will discover new pictures from each other, offering a quick glimpse into everyone’s day. It’s a dynamic way to stay connected and see what your close ones are up to in real time.

Size91.9 MB
Android RequirementAndroid 8.1+
Updated onDec 19, 2023

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What is Locket Apk?

Locket App is a dynamic and innovative application that redefines the way users share and connect through live photos with their closest friends. Functioning as a widget, Locket transforms the Home Screen into a personalized hub, providing a real-time glimpse into the lives of your best friends. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what Locket Apk entails:

Live Photo Sharing Widget

Locket’s core feature is its widget, seamlessly integrated into the Home Screen. This widget showcases live photos from your chosen group of best friends, offering a continuous and intimate connection. Each time you unlock your phone, new photos appear, creating a dynamic and ever-changing snapshot of your friends’ daily experiences.

User-Friendly Operation

  1. Widget Addition: Users can easily add the Locket widget to their Home Screen, initiating the personalized experience.

  2. Instant Photo Sharing: When a friend sends a photo, it instantly populates the Locket widget, providing an immediate visual update.

  3. Reciprocal Sharing: To reciprocate, users can tap into the widget, capture a photo using the camera, and send it back to appear on their friends’ Home Screens. This two-way interaction enhances the sense of real-time connection.

Focus on Close Connections

Locket encourages a more intimate social experience by limiting the app to 20 friends. This intentional restriction fosters genuine and meaningful connections, allowing users to prioritize relationships with their closest friends and family.

Authentic Interaction

Locket introduces a unique reaction feature, enabling users to send Locket reactions to friends when they view their photos. This creates a delightful experience, as friends receive notifications accompanied by a visual cascade of emojis on their shared images. Importantly, Locket doesn’t publicly count or track reactions, fostering authentic interactions free from the pressures of likes and filters.

History and Memories

As users and their friends exchange photos through Lockets, a rich history of shared images is built. Users can share these moments as photos or utilize the video recap feature, stitching together a visual narrative of the memories created with friends. This feature allows users to relive and share those cherished “love it” moments.

Free and Accessible

Locket Apk is available for free download, emphasizing accessibility for users to send photos to those who matter most – friends, family, and besties. The app’s commitment to being free reinforces its mission to bring users closer to their best friends, making the phone feel like a conduit for genuine and meaningful connections.

Locket Apk revolutionizes social photo sharing by prioritizing authenticity, close connections, and real-time interactions through its dynamic widget. With its intuitive features and emphasis on genuine moments, Locket creates a unique space for users to strengthen their bonds with their best friends.


Is the Locket app safe?

Locket has been recognized as a secure option by many parents seeking a wholesome alternative to traditional social media for their kids. In an era where children often use social platforms to connect, the associated risks are a growing concern. Locket appears to provide a solution by enabling kids to forge connections without exposure to those potential dangers. This offers a valuable opportunity for them to nurture friendships without feeling excluded from the social media landscape. The app’s safety features make it a reassuring choice for parents looking to strike a balance between their children’s social interactions and online safety.

How does the Locket app make money?

While Locket is offered as a free app, it sustains itself through strategic placement of advertising on its services. As outlined in their privacy and terms of service, Locket may incorporate personalized advertising. This targeted approach relies on the information you furnish, that which is collected, or obtained about you. By leveraging this data, Locket delivers advertisements tailored to users’ preferences, optimizing the user experience. This ad-supported model allows Locket to remain accessible to users without direct monetary charges, creating a symbiotic relationship where users benefit from a free platform while advertisers gain visibility to a targeted audience.

Can you get Locket on Android?

The Locket app provides a unique experience, allowing users to instantly share photos with a select group of up to twenty friends or loved ones, all without the need for public or private feeds. Catering to a diverse user base, the app is accessible on both Android and iOS devices. This cross-platform availability ensures that users with Android and iOS devices alike can seamlessly engage with the Locket app, fostering real-time connections through photo sharing in an intimate and controlled setting. Whether on Android or iOS, Locket offers a personalized and private approach to sharing moments with a select circle of individuals.

Is Locket like Snapchat?

While both Locket and Snapchat involve sharing photos, they serve different purposes and have distinct features. Locket focuses on providing a private and intimate photo-sharing experience, allowing users to share real-time photos with a limited group of up to twenty friends or loved ones without publishing them to a public or private feed.
On the other hand, Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that gained popularity for its self-destructing messages and stories. Snapchat enables users to share photos and videos with a broader audience through stories, and messages typically disappear after being viewed.
While there may be some similarities in terms of photo sharing, the emphasis and functionality of Locket and Snapchat differ, with Locket concentrating on smaller, selective groups for more private sharing.

Is Locket for free?

Locket is available for free download, and it does not involve any in-app purchases. The app allows users to connect with up to ten friends, each of whom must also have the Locket widget app installed. This cost-free model ensures that users can seamlessly enjoy the features of Locket without incurring additional charges, fostering a user-friendly and accessible environment for private photo sharing among a select group of friends.

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