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Magnet Miner is a simple and unpretentious game. Here you can download Magnet Miner Apk free for android and can get useful details of this game as provided below;-

About Magnet Miner


Magnet Miner


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18 Mar 2022





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About Magnet Miner Apk?

Ray Mobile Games created Magnet Miner, a simple and humble game. Your goal in this thrilling game is to look after the mine and collect as many iron objects as possible. Do not overestimate your own power. You can only take out three items at first.

However, with the help of improvements, you can increase the magnet’s power. You will be able to increase the magnet’s strength, the depth of its penetration, and the number of earnings. Various underworld dwellers will attempt to obstruct you.

Features Of Magnet Miner Apk

The magnet miner does not require any special abilities from the user, but it has the potential to attract a large number of users.

Return with the treasure after throwing the magnet

The player is given a strong magnet. They also possess abundant mines deep underground. However, they are difficult to obtain. Toss your gadget at it and try to magnetize as much of it as possible. There are many things in mines, from jewelery to appliances. Gameplay is very easy. Weaken the force of the magnet and aim it at a ferrous object to remove it. Once the trophies surface, you can count your prey. Valuable cargo can be recovered by simply dropping the magnet onto the shaft repeatedly.

Pump the magnet

It would be too monotonous if the only part of the game was diving into mines. That’s why Magnet Miner developers added a unique pumping system that allows you to upgrade your machine for gaming. There are a total of 3 expandable areas.

First is the strength of the magnet. In the beginning, he can only deduct 3 items from himself, but each time he progresses he adds 1 more unit. This allows you to get additional benefits at the same time.

You can also make the magnet deeper. Each upgrade adds a total of 10 meters. Rewards are more valuable the deeper the mine is. A third improvement relates to sales. For each item, you get a bigger share.

Extremely simple gameplay

Few people know that developers are currently releasing dozens of new applications under the umbrella of “time killers.” For those who don’t have a lot of free time to play, this idea greatly simplifies gameplay.

Younger players are drawn to these types of projects because they lack the necessary experience for challenging and demanding gameplay. By the way, representatives of popular genres can be a waste of time.

Graphics and sound

Although Magnet Miner’s graphics are two-dimensional, they are vibrant and colorful, which may appeal to younger gamers. It’s also worth mentioning how funny the soundtrack is.

How to Download Magnet Miner Apk Free For Android

To download the apk, please follow the steps below;-

  1. Firstly, visit the download link of Google Play Stores provided above.
  2. Now, on the next window, click on the “Install” button.
  3. Then, the apk file will be downloaded/installed to your mobile/device.

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