Marble Blast Match 3 & Shoot Apk Download Free For Android

Everyone will enjoy this simple and entertaining game. Join the luxurious game Marble Blast’s fantastic voyage. Here you can download the Marble Blast: Match 3 & Shoot Apk  free for android and get the useful details of this app as provided below.

Marble Blast Match 3 & Shoot Apk

NameMarble Blast
DeveloperChivalry Technology Co., Limited
Requirement Android6.0 and up
Updated onDec 08, 2023
Ratings 4.9 star
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What is Marble Blast: Match 3 & Shoot Apk?

Marble Blast: Match-3 & Shoot is an engaging and entertaining mobile game that falls under the category of marble-themed games, alongside its counterpart, Marble Explosion: Match-3 and Shoot Zumba. This game promises an enjoyable experience suitable for individuals of all ages, taking players on an exciting adventure through Marble Blast Deluxe.

The gameplay involves utilizing the gyroscope feature on your mobile device for precise control of the marble. Players navigate through various challenges presented in each level, including sliding bricks, glass walls, motorized objects and doors, pinball bumpers, escape hazards, and crumbling floors. The key is to strategically maneuver the marble through these obstacles, demonstrating smart and controlled movements to achieve the best time and score.

The game’s simplicity and free accessibility make it an ideal choice for prolonged entertainment, ensuring hours of engagement. Marble Blast: Match-3 & Shoot invites players to immerse themselves in a magnificent universe adorned with stunning maps, captivating music, impressive animation effects, adorable characters, and an abundance of limitless entertainment.

In this puzzle game, the primary objective is to match three or more marbles, allowing players to progress through a series of incredible and challenging maps. The gameplay is designed to be easy to grasp, providing an enjoyable learning curve while maintaining a level of difficulty that keeps players engaged and striving for mastery. The game features a diverse range of maps with various shapes, and the promise of regular additions of new maps ensures that the adventure never ceases.

Marble Blast: Match-3 & Shoot stands out as a delightful and accessible mobile game, promising not only fun and entertainment but also a visually appealing and dynamic gaming experience. With its regular updates and ever-expanding universe, players can anticipate a continuous and engaging journey through the world of Marble Blast.


How to play:-

With several levels, the pleasure never stops. Remove all the marbles, survive the time, and aid in the release of the forest’s dragonflies and magical birds.


Marble game levels are simple to learn yet difficult to master. A plethora of cards in various shapes. New levels are always added, so your mission will never end. Experience the classic Zumba gameplay by using colour combinations to burst the marbles.

Spectacular Boosters

Bombs, coloured balls, meteor showers, arrows, fireworks, and more fun extras are all waiting for you to find them.

Amazing Graphics

Blast of Marbles Zumba is more than simply a mindless marble game. In the jungle marble blast universe, you can explore a magnificent world with stunning maps, terrific music, amazing animation effects, attractive characters, and infinite fun.

Great Maps

A card that can take you to a variety of unexpected places to fuel your Zumba experience.

Marble Blast Zuma/Zumba Puzzle game

Marble Shooting & Puzzle Game is the ultimate brain puzzle game, with marble HD graphics and difficult tasks. Marble Blast is a colourful marble blast game that is addictive, exciting, and fantastic. I hope you have a lot of fun relaxing with this marble Zumba shooting and puzzle game. It will challenge your intellect, and you can play Zuma Match 3 with your pals.


How do I control the marble in Marble Blast: Match-3 & Shoot?

You can control the marble by utilizing the gyroscope feature on your mobile device. This allows for accurate maneuvering through various obstacles in each level.

What challenges can I expect in the game?

Marble Blast: Match-3 & Shoot presents a variety of challenges, including sliding bricks, glass walls, motorized objects and doors, pinball bumpers, escape hazards, and crumbling floors. Each level introduces unique obstacles to overcome.

Is Marble Blast: Match-3 & Shoot suitable for all ages?

Yes, the game is designed to be enjoyable for individuals of all ages, offering a simple yet engaging gameplay experience.

What makes the game visually appealing?

The game boasts a magnificent universe with stunning maps, captivating music, impressive animation effects, and adorable characters, providing players with a visually appealing and dynamic gaming environment.

How often are new maps added to the game?

The game promises regular additions of new maps, ensuring that players can continually explore fresh challenges and levels in the Marble Blast universe.

Is Marble Blast: Match-3 & Shoot free to play?

Yes, the game is not only entertaining but also free to play, making it accessible to a wide audience without any cost barriers.

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