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Minion Rush is an endless runner game developed by Illumination, Universal, and Gameloft that can be played offline at any time. Here you can download the Minion Rush: Running Game Apk free for android and get useful details of this app as provided below.

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What is Minion Rush: Running Game Apk?

Minion Rush is a simple racing game in which you play as a minion that sprints through gorgeous and inventive locations. Each level has a goal that must be met in order to continue to the next level. This goal can be as basic as “slide over three different obstacles” or “run for thirty seconds.” The majority of the game, though, consists of merely jumping over obstacles, sliding under other obstacles, and picking up bananas.
The track primarily consists of three lanes that can be switched between. As you run, you can gather bananas to upgrade minions and buy power-ups (for further information, see In-App Purchases). There are three methods to boost your ranking in this game: sprint as far as you can, collect as many bananas as you can, and be terrible. Despicable means destroying as many things as possible and eliminating other minions who get in your way.
It is an unending running game in which the player must test his ability to go as long as possible by jumping or sliding under obstacles and collecting bananas. Missions differ per level and feature objectives such as running 600 metres or jumping over obstacles ten times.

As you go through each level, collect bananas and trade them for new costumes and power-ups. You can always replay a level after finishing it to get more bananas.

Game Features

The minions set new objectives after Gru recovers to become the ultimate covert agent. That is why they have produced dozens of interesting outfits that not only appear spectacular but also have unique skills. Collect more bananas or turn into Mega-His minion to sprint even faster.

Remember that you can swipe left and right to not only avoid, but even hop over or under obstacles in some circumstances. Try jumping over the obstruction (swipe up) if it is the same height as your minion. Try crawling beneath the obstacle (swipe down) if there is a gap between it and the ground.
Crouching and jumping are crucial abilities to learn, but it may take considerable practice to get the timing right.

How to Download Minion Rush: Running Game Apk Free For Android

To download the apk, please follow the steps below;-

Firstly, visit the Google Play Store link provided above.
Now, on the following window, click the “Install” button.
Then, the apk file will be downloaded/installed to your phone/device.

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