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P King Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

P King allows you to scan your Facebook ID and then gain access to the relevant Free Fire accounts. If you lose an ID in a game connected to your Facebook account, it’s easy to retrieve. You will have to use the app shared on this page for that. Here you can download P King Apk Latest Version free for android. We recommend that you try this tool. This wonderful free mobile app has many other benefits.

Information Overview

App NameP King
Current version1.0
Size25 M
Android Requirement 5.0 and up
CategoryApps, Tools 
Price Free


Download P King Apk Latest Version Free For Android



What is P King Apk

The P King Apk is an online FF Account Recovering tool developed specifically for FreeFire game players. This tool will enable gamers by integrating it within android devices. Including hacked accounts, to recover them without any difficulty.

In our discussion of Lost and Hacked, we mentioned those. In other words, both category profiles can be recovered with the tool. A separate gaming section can be found on the official channels and the accompanying platform of FreeFire.

However, when we checked the reviews regarding the official help channel, we found that most applicants were disappointed. In response to the gamer’s disappointment, developers have come up with this online solution.

P King Download resolves all issues associated with gaming IDs whenever you install the latest version inside your android device. Additionally, the players can modify their other profiles to extract and transfer resources for free.

Features of P King APK

Recover Free Fire accounts

We previously described P King as a tool designed specifically for Free Fire players who have lost or been locked out of their accounts. The software’s primary goal is to help you easily recover your Free Fire accounts that are linked to your Facebook account quickly and easily.

Easy Process to Recover FF Accounts

You can regain access to your Free Fire account by following a simple procedure. The application needs to be downloaded first. You’ll find a user-friendly UI with a few settings in front of you as soon as you open up the app. You will need to paste your Facebook ID’s URL in the box. As soon as you press enter, the process will begin.

Quick Recovery

Recovering an account is a fast and easy process. Simply copy and paste your Facebook ID’s url into the box. As soon as you press enter, the process will begin. Your account will be restored in a few seconds.

Compatible with Latest FF Version

Definitely, P King works quite well on the latest version of Free Fire.

Provides new Password & Username:

After regaining access to your account, it provides you with the username and password you need to access your Free Fire account.

How To Install And Use P King Apk

Please locate the downloaded P King App in the mobile storage section once you have finished downloading. You can now install the app by clicking the file. After installing the tool, launch it from the mobile menu.

Remember, it will ask the player to insert their ID during the launch of the tool. A player’s ID can be retrieved using an operational account by peering into account details. Now that you have the Players ID, enter it in the App box and click next.

It automatically processes the data and provides the Login ID and Password without any further request from the user.

How do I get usernames and passwords for free Fire Accounts?

The information about restoring a Free Fire account will come in handy for both users. However, we do not recommend using it for any illegal purposes. Therefore, you will need to follow the steps in order to recover the custom accounts and play them again.

  • You should first launch your Android phone’s P King app.
  • The next step is to enter the Facebook URL associated with the Free Fire ID.
  • You must wait for a while after clicking the option.
  • After that, you’ll get some data and proceed to the next step.
  • You will then be provided with a username and password you can use to log into your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Is P King APK Free?

It is a free application with unlimited features. Changing from a free to a professional mod is quite expensive. You can, however, download APKs for free from here.

Que: How to get P King APK for android from Apkgoal.com?

It’s too simple. The software is available for free in this article, so you don’t have to go anywhere else to download it. This app can be downloaded from Apkgoal.com. Feel free to share your experience with loved ones.

Que: What is the use of the P King APK?

P King is among the very best (Tools) applications for Android.

Que: Is P King APK Safe?

This is an important question about this app that everyone wants to be answered. Therefore, we wanted to share the app, which worked well for us when we tested it.

Please be aware, however, that we are not the developers or affiliated with them. Therefore, it is not guaranteed. You may try this application at your own risk. If there are any consequences, we are not responsible.

Get more information about the app by downloading the Apk file to your android device. It has many amazing features for you. Until you’re satisfied with sports, don’t invest money into it.

Que: Is P King Successfully Used?

Sometimes the app works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Please do not enter your username or password into this application, or you will become the next target for hackers. Use this P King application with caution.

These are some things related to P King, an application that will break into or restore your Facebook account. Best of luck.

Que: Is P King Really Successful in Recovering Lost Accounts?

The next question that arises after knowing the information about P King is whether it will be able to recover a lost or stolen Facebook account or online gaming account?

Reviews indicate P King, according to those who have tried it, can’t really restore an account that has been lost or stolen.

In the case of online games, such as Mobile Legends and Free Fire, this must still be proved again. For this reason, it is best to take precautions when dealing with lost or stolen accounts.

Que: What is P King Works?

In our experience after completing the above steps, the application cannot restore the lost Facebook account, but if you are curious, you can try downloading the file we shared above.

You should also be cautious when entering data related to your account. Never enter your username and password because it can lead to someone else gaining access to your account.

Que: How to Use P King Apk

Before using this application, make sure you’ve installed it successfully.

If your account has been stolen by an irresponsible party, you can restore it with this application.

>> Open the P King app first
>> Allow P King access to your location
>> Please enter the ID of your Facebook account
>> Activate Bobol and click the open button
>> When the process is completed, you will soon receive your email and password that were stolen by an irresponsible person.

How to Download P King APK FF

Because of its small size and its useability, this application has become very popular. To help you test whether it works, we have provided a file here that you can download.

As mentioned above, this application can be downloaded from a web browser, and it is then installed on a smartphone after it has been downloaded. The steps are outlined in the following explanation:

From the link provided above, you must first “download” the application.

Next, go to “Settings”, then select the “Security” tab, then select “Install apps from unknown sources or unknown source applications”.

Afterward, open the folder or file where you saved the previously downloaded app and select “Install” to begin installing it.
You will have to wait a few seconds until the application is completely installed before you can use it.


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It is important to note that we only release the APK version of P King. Games and apps are downloaded directly from Google’s Play Store or from the relevant site. Apps and games may only be used for personal purposes. In case, P King infringes upon your copyright, please contact us, and we will remove it completely.

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