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Reigns Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android

Reigns is an exciting strategy card game in which you take on the role of the king. After you killed the former king, you became the king yourself. It is now your life is a living hell, to balance four sides, and if you even fall one side below zero, you lose. Answer the questions by flipping the cards back and forth. And don’t forget that the fate of the kingdom depends on you and your decisions too. Here you can download Reigns Apk Latest Version free for Android.

Information Overview

App NameReigns Apk
Current version1.17
Publisher DevolverDigital
Size75 M
Android Requirement 4.1  and up
CategoryGames, Entertainment
Price Free
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About Reigns

Reigns is an unusual simulation of the life of a royal ruler. In this story, the protagonist suddenly becomes responsible for the fate of the inhabitants of a large state. Now he is responsible for the whole life of medieval society. Under his leadership issues of education, health care, management and control, public resources, and religious matters are decided. If something goes wrong, the newly appointed archbishop leaves his office.

This game is very dramatic, players play like a king. Each of your courtiers will try to kill you, you just have to live longer.

In Reigns game, rule your own kingdom. You can make fateful decisions with a swipe of the finger. Make your people rich and powerful, strengthen your power. Become a medieval ruler in this game Android game. The life of a king is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Many factions are vying for your attention and favor.

Game screen

This game style is delicate,  great, and very interesting. Very interesting thing is that the role of this image is geometric shapes with a geometric structure.

Gameplay of Reigns Apk

In the game, the player acts as king (or tyrant) from the highest throne, making decisions about ruling the country with a slight movement of his finger to the left or right. As a king of the country, every decision he makes can have a huge impact on the entire kingdom and his future reign. One mistake can have serious consequences for his throne and his family crisis.

This gameplay should be most valuable to learn to get clear points, in general, is that the king, choose another card to cause a different result. Each card has a description, which the player must carefully analyze to make their own choices. But in fact, in the end, they die, but only to see how long they can live.

In Reigns, you have the opportunity to experiment with more than twenty different styles of death and more than thirty characters, and the game content richness is great.

After more than ten deaths, you finally realize that if you want to be a good king, you must learn to value four things: religion, people, army, and money. None of these four things can be too full or too small.

You wanted to be a good king, so refugees, be afraid. Build the dam, hunt, score, and then you died. The king is no miracle, no savior, you have to do what you want to do.

You don’t want to be superstitious, so don’t build a church. Some people need the law, you don’t give the law. So, vicar, you dead. Believed too much in religion, and then went down to the grave of despair, struggled with lonely feet, and finally died in the grave again.

In short, every one of your servants and your men wants to kill you, and every time they say they can hide murderous things. You think you will be destroyed. You can only guide them as best you can and try to live longer.

Overall, this game is still pretty unoriginal, there are no generals or advisors to help you, just heartache. Being king over “rulers” is really sad, but it’s also a good experience taking wary from your courtiers.

Features of Reigns Apk

Innovative Game

Reigns for Android is one of the most innovative games ever created and has won several awards. if you are looking for a simple and addictive card game for Android, you should definitely download Reigns APK. To make a decision in the game, all you have to do is slide a card left or right, but be aware that there are consequences to your decision. You can also read the Reigns game guide below.

Minimal Graphics

Reigns is a very small game and do not have advanced graphics compared to other games currently available on the market. Instead, the game has very clean and minimalistic graphics, which makes the game even more interesting. Each option is clearly displayed on the screen, making it easy to navigate through the game for more options. If you like simple games, be sure to download Reigns APK from this page.

Learn the controls

Another reason to download the latest version of Reigns Apk for free is to learn how to control the game.  In this game, there are about four different categories that you have to maintain and you have to balance among them. The four elements of the kingdom in this game are the church, the state, the army, and the treasury. Your decisions will affect how fast it grows, and if any of the elements become full or empty, you will lose the game.

In-Game Events

Various game-changing events occur. In these cases, all your decisions can turn out to be wrong, but don’t you worry, if you focus on just one thing in the game then the chances of this happening are very less. If you are looking for links to download Reigns APK for android, then the file provided on this page is definitely for you.

Free and safe to use

This game is free, but since many people are looking for it, we provide the APK file for Reigns here for free. After playing from this page, if you like the game, don’t forget to purchase it from Google Play Store to support the developer.

Ratings and Reviews of Reigns Apk 

Reigns has received more than 146,782 + reviews with a 4.6-star rating with 500,000+ installs. Check more on Google Play.

How to Play Reigns Apk Game

Here are some guidelines on how to play the Regin game properly;-

How to Duel

As you progress through the game, you will occasionally be challenged to a duel. The gameplay itself doesn’t change much, as you continue to swipe right to attack or left to retreat or dodge. The four scouts at the top have been replaced by a rudimentary battle arena, where you can see your attacks and retreats by swiping and holding the map. Take your time when considering your next move. After you win your first duel, you can ask the General Convention to explain how the duel works.

In other words, it is usually best to be aggressive in dueling and move to the right. However, if the card indicates that your dueling partner is planning a vicious attack, you may choose to take a defensive swing to the left. If you do it wrong, you may reach your end prematurely, but if you do your defensive swing right, you will get an attack bonus on the next turn. Finally, the duel looks like a 50/50 mix of strategy and luck.

Achieving Goals

Each time a king dies, a new king takes his place, with three objectives to complete during his next reign.

These objectives are varied and at times seem rather absurd. But as you will soon discover, once you immerse yourself in Reigns, it is a game full of delightful surprises. Sometimes your intuition and careful reading of the clues will let you know when you will be able to achieve a goal. Other times, the game simply throws you into a random path and takes you on a wild ride to complete an objective. In total, there are 40 objectives in Reigns.

A common example of an objective is researching a new character. Occasionally, a card will allude to the introduction of a new advisor for a character, so it is usually worth answering yes to these cards. Once you unlock a new character, you will hear from them regularly, which translates into new cards added to your deck. Each new character adds a new level to the overall game, and you can’t rely on every character – but you can also gain the ability to execute certain characters for various reasons. Reigns contains 37 unlockable characters.

Effect Cards

From time to time, as you play Reigns, you will activate an effect. These will affect the game in multiple ways. Once you have discovered an effect card, you will see its icon in one of the four bottom right boxes while it is in effect. Anyone doesn’t want to reveal too much about them, because they really are some of the most surprising and fun parts of the game. Since there are four effect slots, they also stack on top of each other if you let them rest. They can be reset whenever a king dies, they can end after a certain amount of time, or they can remain in effect as long as you keep playing.

Mistakes will be made

Your goal in Reigns is to survive as many years as possible, but some kings only have a short reign. This may be due to their poor decision-making, or it may simply be that the game has delayed it. Some rather costly mistakes shorten your reign considerably.

But that’s okay. Not every king you play with is going to have a long and fruitful reign. And if you’re struggling to be a just ruler, maybe it’s time to be a ruthless tyrant. There is no wrong way to play Reigns.

How to download Reigns Apk?

Most Android users look for the apk file download process on the Internet. Also, some users are not very familiar with this process. If you want to know then we are here to tell you.

To download our application, click the download button above. The download page will open and once you click the download button the Reigns Apk will be downloaded to your device as an APK file. You can find the downloaded apk file in the download section of your device.

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