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Sky Children of the Light is an adventure game. Here you can download Sky Apk free for android and can get all useful details of this game.

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Sky: Children of the Light 


That Game Company Inc,


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Apr 19, 2023





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What is SKY Apk?

Sky: Children of light was created by the same video game studio that produced Journey and Flower. This time, you will travel with the Children of the Light on a fantastical adventure. Your goal in this game is to give a hopeless earth new life and to relocate the lost stars to their rightful constellations.

As you play, you will unlock new skills that will allow you to hover and soar far. Furthermore, you can experiment with new moves while engaging with other players, whom you will eventually encounter on your journey.

One of its unique aspects is the player participation system, very similar to journey. They can interact with other Children of Light, give gifts to make friends and communicate with various gestures. You can even embark on unique quests in search of unknown riches.

A multiplayer adventure game with a twist. It offers immersive gameplay reminiscent of the original journey. In-game music is perfect for the action and the graphics are great.


  1. Pleasant, tranquil, and full of ageless wonder.
  2. To save and set free spirits in each constellation, travel the world.
  3. Legendary star-reuniting adventure narrative.
  4.  interacting with one another while having fun.

Play with others and build sincere human connections:

  1. Journey with pals to save spirits from the Sky realm
  2. With every new journey, season, and event, you can meet new individuals and discover interesting stories.
  3. Together, go on adventures into shadowy spheres and unearth relics.
  4. Form new friendships and meet other friendly players online with endearing expressions.
  5. Give light candles to express gratitude and strengthen friendships in all areas.

Friendly Open World:-

  1. Enter a world that is constantly growing and filled with fresh new attractions, special events, and area expansions.
  2. It will warm your heart to play this lovely social adventure MMORPG.
  3. To experience Sky’s beauty, explore the vast world by yourself or with the company.

Description Of The Game

Young girls make their own friends. As she freely travels through the sea of ​​clouds, she is able to enjoy the wonderful surroundings, be immersed like never before, and face the unexpected and authentic beauty that exists between the soft lights and shadows and the river of clouds. Let’s go on a wonderful journey together.

How to Download SKY Apk Free For Android

To download the apk, please follow the steps below;-

  1. Firstly, visit the download link provided above.
  2. Now select the “Install” option in the next window.
  3. The apk will then be downloaded/installed to your android device.

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