Wazzap Migrator Apk Free Download For Android

Wazzap Migrator Apk Mod (Full, Cracked) Free Download For Android

Wazzap Migrator Apk is an application for transferring messages from iPhone to Android. WazzapMigrator is one of those applications that make this task easy for you. This application is a reliable solution for those who want to transfer WhatsApp messages. You can also transfer attachments like photos, contacts, videos, GPS locations, and audio files.  Here you can download Wazzap Migrator Apk (Whatsapp Extractor) Free Download For Android.

Information Overview

App NameWazzap Migrator
Current version4.4.0
Offered by Nicola Beghin
Android Requirement 4.1 and up
Price Free


Download Wazzap Migrator Apk (Whatsapp Extractor) Free Download For Android


About Wazzap Migrator Apk

Any user, who wants to switch from iPhone to Android, has a lot of work to do. This is because the migrant cannot leave messages on WhatsApp as some messages contain quite important information, especially for those who use WhatsApp for business purposes.

However, the problem is that there is no built-in feature of WhatsApp. iPhone or Android users cannot activate direct messages from iPhone to Android devices. Therefore, a third-party app like WazzapMigrator is needed to securely transfer the data from Whatsapp.

App messages and attachments are very important. They contain memories of shared conversations, videos, and photos between loved ones, colleagues, and customers. Switching from iPhone to Android can be a difficult task for some, as data transfer is not easy.

All you need is an Android device and a backup of your iPhone. The transfer can be done in a few simple steps. First, download and run WazzapMigrator on your Android device. Then choose whether or not WazzapMigrator should move the selected folders to your WhatsApp folder.

This tool can transfer not only WhatsApp messages. It can likewise move WhatsApp media documents (photographs, recordings, voice messages, GPS locations, and contacts) from iPhone to Android. Not at all like other outsider applications like “dr. fone” for iOS, the user doesn’t have to have an iPhone to move with WazzapMigrator. All you need is an Android device and a WhatsApp backup on the iPhone. This is also a unique feature of WazzapMigrator, as even those who have sold or lost their iPhone can recover their WhatsApp messages and attachments.


Wazzap Migrator Apk Mod (Full, Cracked) Free Download For Android


Wazzap Migrator Apk Mod (Full, Cracked) Free Download For Android


Wazzap Migrator Apk Mod (Full, Cracked) Free Download For Android


Wazzap Migrator Apk Mod (Full, Cracked) Free Download For Android


Wazzap Migrator Apk Mod (Full, Cracked) Free Download For Android


Wazzap Migrator Apk Mod (Full, Cracked) Free Download For Android

How to use Wazzap Migrator Apk

It is a data transfer wizard specially designed to help you transfer your WhatsApp messages from your iPhone to your Android device. Regardless of the age of your device, WhatsApp Migrator is designed to make the process less painful.

The WazzapMigrator program is also compatible with both Mac and Windows computer systems, so you can use it to transfer your data easily. A version of the software is also available directly on the Play Store as an app for Android devices; however, the app is not available for iOS.

One of the most interesting features of the WhatsApp Migrator app is the fact that you can not only transfer your messages, but also any content or media that you have. This includes all types of media files, such as audio, photos, and videos, as well as more complex files such as GPS information and documents.

Although the app seems to have reviews for older versions, a quick look at the comments on the homepage shows that the program has a lot of issues, especially in terms of compatibility with newer versions of the WhatsApp app for Android.

However, for some devices and WhatsApp versions, the app seems to work at an acceptable level on a large scale. If you want to start using this software solution yourself, here is a complete step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Steps to use Wazzap Migrator

Set up your iPhone

First, you will need to set up your iPhone to prepare it to transfer your WhatsApp messages to your Android device. Sign in to your Apple account. Now connect your iOS device to your computer with the official USB cable.

Open your iPhone in the iTunes window and click on the “Summary” button. On this screen, make sure that the “Encrypt local backup” option is not checked. Click now on the “Backup Now” button on the right side. iTunes settings – back up your iPhone. This will initiate a backup of your iOS device.

Set up the app.

By opening your browser, go to the Wazzap Migrator app. On the home page, search for the iBackup Viewer app and download it to your Mac or Windows computer. Double-click on the downloaded file to install the program on your computer following the on-screen instructions. Once installed, launch the iBackup Viewer application from your desktop.

Recover your WhatsApp conversations

From the main menu of iBackup Viewer, select your iOS device (which must still be connected to your computer and have completed the backup process) and then click on the “Raw Files” symbol in the base right corner of the menu. In the upper right corner of the next screen, select the “Free Preview” mode of WhatsAppMigrator. Now scroll down the menu on the left and find the file with the title. In that folder, in the right menu, select the “ChatStorage.SQLite” file and click the “Export” button in the top right corner to a location on your computer where you can easily find it.

If you want to extract your WhatsApp media files, such as photos, videos, audio files, GPS location information, and others, you need to follow this step.

In the same menu where the “ChatStorage.SQLite” file is located, open the Message folder and then click on the “Media” file marker located in it. Click on the “Export” option and save this file to the same location as ChatStorage.SQLite file.

Transfer the data to your Android device

Connect your Android device to your computer with the official USB cable. Open your Android phone in the File Viewer/Explorer and set up the desktop windows where you can see both the Android files and the files from the backup we just exported to the computer.

Drag the Media folder and the ChatStorage.SQLite file to the “Download” folder on your Android device. You can likewise move these documents utilizing a file-sharing service, like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Now remove WhatsApp from your Android device and install the free app from Play Store instead. Then launch the app from the home screen.

Restore a WhatsApp backup on your Android device

The WazzapMigrator app will automatically scan and detect ChatStorage.SQLite file on your device. Once the scan is complete and the file has been detected, click the play button in the center of the screen.

The conversation and migration process is now complete.

Reinstall WhatsApp on your Android device

Open the Google Play Store on your Android device, download and reinstall WhatsApp.

Once installed, activate and set up your account by entering your phone number, which should be the same as the number on your device and iPhone.

You will then be shown the option to restore your WhatsApp files by simply clicking the Restore button. Once you have completed this process, you will see that everything you had on your iPhone in WhatsApp has been transferred to your Android device.

Ratings and Reviews of Wazzap Migrator Apk (Whatsapp Extractor) 

Wazzap Migrator has received more than 4,673+ reviews with a 3.9-star rating with 100,000+ installs. Check more on Google Play.

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