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WeCall App revolutionizes communication with seamless audio and video calls. Experience crystal-clear connections, innovative features, and user-friendly interface. Stay connected effortlessly with friends and family, making every conversation memorable. Download WeCall now for an elevated communication experience.

Size25 MB
Android RequirementAndroid 4.0+
Updated onJanuary 09, 2024

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What is WeCall Apk?

WeCall Apk is an innovative communication application that utilizes the Real-Time Communication (RTC) protocol to facilitate high-quality audio and video calls between users. This app distinguishes itself by incorporating advanced features such as Screen Sharing, enhancing the overall user experience.

With a focus on seamless communication, WeCall Apk establishes a platform where users can connect through both audio and video calls, fostering real-time interactions. The inclusion of the RTC protocol ensures low-latency communication, contributing to a smooth and reliable calling experience.

One notable feature of WeCall Apk is Screen Sharing, allowing users to share their device screens during a call. This feature proves beneficial for collaborative efforts, presentations, or simply sharing content with other users in real-time. The Screen Sharing capability adds versatility to the app, making it suitable for various professional and personal scenarios.

Furthermore, WeCall Apk includes a group functionality, consolidating all registered and logged-in users within a dedicated group. This group feature enhances the social aspect of the application, enabling users to engage in multi-user conversations, making it ideal for both personal and professional group discussions.

WeCall Apk goes beyond traditional audio and video calling apps by incorporating the RTC protocol for efficient real-time communication. The addition of features such as Screen Sharing and group functionality enhances the app’s versatility, making it a comprehensive solution for users seeking advanced communication tools. Whether for work-related collaborations or staying connected with friends and family, WeCall Apk offers a rich set of features to meet diverse communication needs.


Can I use WeCall to make international calls, and what are the associated costs?

WeCall typically supports international calls. Check the app for its specific international calling rates, as these may vary based on the countries you are calling.

Does WeCall offer end-to-end encryption for user privacy and security?

WeCall aims to prioritize user privacy and security. Check the app’s security settings or documentation for information on end-to-end encryption and other security features.

How do I create a group in WeCall, and what features does group communication offer?

To create a group in WeCall, you often need to register and log in. Explore the app’s group features to create or join groups. Group communication typically includes features like multi-user conversations.

Is WeCall compatible with both Wi-Fi and mobile data for calls?

WeCall is usually designed to work over both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections. This flexibility allows users to make calls in various network conditions.

What devices are supported by WeCall, and is it available for tablets?

WeCall is generally designed for smartphones, and its availability on tablets may vary. Check the app’s compatibility information in the respective app store or on the official website for the most accurate details.

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