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Welcome to Yubo, your gateway to a vibrant social experience! Dive into a world of dynamic connections and authentic interactions through live streaming. Discover new friends, locally or globally, united by shared interests. With innovative features like YouTube Stream and Snapchat Lenses, Yubo brings a new dimension to socializing. Experience the evolution of friendships on this exciting platform!

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Android RequirementAndroid 9.0+
Updated onDec 22, 2023

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What is Yuba Apk?

The Yubo APK is the Android Package Kit associated with the Yubo app, a dynamic social platform designed for fostering connections through live streaming and genuine interactions. As an Android user, the Yubo APK serves as the installation file for the Yubo app on your device.

Yubo positions itself as a vibrant social community where users can effortlessly discover and connect with new friends who share similar interests. The platform’s core features revolve around live streaming, creating an engaging space for users to socialize and make connections both locally and globally.

Live Streaming and Authentic Interactions: Yubo distinguishes itself by emphasizing live streaming as a primary means of interaction. Users can initiate live video chats with up to 10 friends and even extend invitations to potential new friends. Whether you’re singing, dancing, discussing your day, or sending messages to friends, the live streaming feature facilitates real-time, authentic connections.

Brand New Features: Yubo continually enhances its user experience with brand new features. Notably, the integration of YouTube Stream allows users to share favorite content directly from YouTube during live sessions. From music videos to gaming content, the YouTube Stream feature enriches the sharing experience.

Additionally, Yubo collaborates with Snapchat to introduce Lenses. Users can now apply fun filters during video chats, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the platform and fostering creativity in friendships.

Expect More Interaction Options

  1. Chat Feature: The chat feature enables users to greet new people and reconnect with existing friends. Conversations can unfold directly within live streams or with individuals added to your network.

  2. Swipe Functionality: Yubo’s swipe functionality helps users discover like-minded individuals nearby or from around the world. By checking Tags to identify shared interests, users can initiate live conversations based on common hobbies or passions.

  3. Community Building: Yubo facilitates the discovery of diverse online communities spanning art, theater, beauty, sports, and more. This allows users to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering friendships within specific interest areas.

  4. Interactive Games: Yubo adds a playful element to the social experience with games like “To Be Honest,” a Q&A game, as well as drawing quizzes, Would You Rather, and Let Them Guess.

Regular Updates and Support: Yubo ensures a dynamic user experience with monthly updates, introducing live games, cool features, and more. Users can provide feedback directly via Instagram (@yubo_app) or seek assistance through the Help Center (https://support.yubo.live) or Twitter (@AskYubo).


The Yubo APK represents the gateway to a vibrant social community, offering an array of features that prioritize live interaction, content sharing, and creative engagement, making it a compelling platform for making genuine connections in the digital age.


How does Yubo ensure a safe and inclusive environment for users?

Yubo is committed to creating a safe and inclusive community. The platform implements moderation measures to monitor content, and users can report inappropriate behavior. Additionally, Yubo provides safety tips and guidelines to promote a positive and respectful atmosphere. The platform actively works to foster a space where users feel comfortable connecting and making friends.

Can I use Yubo to connect with people from specific interest groups or communities?

Yes, Yubo offers a “Tags” feature that allows users to identify and connect with others who share similar interests. Whether it’s art, theater, beauty, sports, music, dance, travel, manga, cinema, or LGBTQ+, users can use Tags to find and join communities aligned with their passions. This feature enhances the platform’s ability to connect users with like-minded individuals and build friendships within specific interest areas.

How does the “SWIPE” function work on Yubo, and how can I use it to find friends?

Yubo’s “SWIPE” function allows users to discover like-minded people nearby or from around the world. By swiping through profiles, users can check Tags to identify shared interests. If there’s a match, users can go live and start a conversation, making it an interactive and intuitive way to connect with potential friends.

What types of live games are available on Yubo, and how can I participate?

Yubo offers a variety of live games, including “To Be Honest,” a Q&A game, drawing quizzes, Would You Rather, and Let Them Guess. These games provide non-stop fun during live sessions. Users can actively participate, engage with friends, and showcase their creativity and knowledge in a playful environment.

How does Yubo’s YouTube Stream feature enhance the user experience?

The YouTube Stream feature on Yubo allows users to share more fun moments by directly streaming and watching their favorite content from YouTube. Whether it’s music videos, top vlogger content, gaming videos, or DIY tutorials, users can now enjoy and share diverse content seamlessly during live sessions.

Tell me more about Yubo’s collaboration with Snapchat for Lenses. How can I use them during video chats?

Yubo’s partnership with Snapchat brings Lenses to the platform, adding an extra layer of fun to video chats. Users can turn on their camera and apply new filters in real-time. Whether trying out different looks or adding playful effects, Lenses provide an enjoyable and creative way to interact with friends during live video chats.

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